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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Media Visit for Pesta Babulang Part3...Tagang Long Lidung(Eco-Tourism)

On our way  from Merarap Hotsprings to Lawas Town. Myself, Mr Lim of Borneo Ecotour & Amirul of STB Visitor Center Miri .We stop by for fish spa in TAGANG Long Lidung.We want to experience the thrill of the wild river fishes feeding from hands and you can even even swim with them.On our arrival we meet by the person incharge Mr Raut Kading & his family.We proceed to Sungei Tengoa but it appears nothing significant has happened. But on the river banks, Raut Kading, a tall pony-tailed man, puts down the can and pours some dried fish feed onto the palm of his hand. He casts the feed into the waters.Immediately, the river’s surface begin to bubble with fish rushing to grab their share of the nutritious fish food.Satisfied that the fish have heard his call, Raut call Lim and Amirul  stands on the water’s edge and drops more feed into the churning water. The fish respond by literally throwing themselves at his feet to get at more tasty morsels.
The village is just off the Lawas-Ba Kelalan road which was recently improved and is experiencing increasing traffic. The villagers hope to be able to divert some of the visitors towards their system Tagang(System Tagang is basically a mean to maintain the ecological balance of a river. It also prevents unsystematic harvesting of fishes and other marine life).

The public interested in visiting Long Lidong to find out more about their unique tagang system can contact Madam Roselyn Kading (0198468079). To help cover maintenance costs of the system, a minimal entrance fee is charged — RM2 per Malaysian adult, RM1 per Malaysian child, RM4 per person for foreign nationalities and RM2 per child).
For visitors wanting to immerse in the water with the fish, fees of RM5 per Malaysian adult and RM10 per adult of foreign nationality is charged for every 10-minute block. For those justing want to dip their feet, the charges are RM2 (for Malaysians) and RM4 (for foreign nationalities) for every 10-minute block.

 Fish foot SPA........


Ophelia said...

Wow! So many fish!

Awang Kassim said...

Ophelia >> Thanks for viewing.

Zaima Ubaid said...


Hello there,

I saw your page regarding Tagang System. I am a researcher from UNIMAS currently doing a research on Tagang System in Ecotourism Framework. I am now in the process of collecting data from several respondent. As you have been to the place before, I assume. I would like to ask if you could answer my questionnaire. Hope you can assist me in this matter. Thank you very much. (

Awang Kassim said...

Hi Zaima Ubaid..
Just e-mail me and I would be very happy to assit.If you need to use the photos by all mean just download.