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Friday, March 22, 2013

Mukah Kaul Festival 2013.

Mukah Kaul Festival 24-28 April 2013.
Kaul is a traditional festival celebrated by the Melanau living along the coast of Sarawak. In the past, Kaul was looked upon as a religious ceremony to appease the spirits of the sea, land, forest and farm making it the most important festival in the Melanau calender. The festival is a ritual of purification and thanksgiving as well as one of the propitiation for good fortune. Its marks the beginning of the Melanau calender which begins at the end of the Northeast monsoon. Kaul takes place in third week of the month of April every year
Mukah’s signature dish is umai, a spicy salad of raw marinated fish with shallots, lime juice and chillies.
The Mukah Kaul Festival 24-28 April 2013, the festival site is on the right bank of the Mukah river estuary.For information just log on to MUKAH KAUL FESTIVAL.

This traditional Sarawak Snack, is a delicacy of the Melanau People of Sarawak. It is taken as a snack and served to guests with tea and coffee. The unique taste of Tebaloi is so special that it has become a very popular snack for all race in Sarawak. The main producing areas of Tebaloi are in the Mukah and Dalat Districts along the coastal region of the Mukah Division. These areas favour large plantations of sago palms which produce sago powder, the main ingredient used in the processing of Tebaloi.
 The Mukah Kaul Festival:
During a week festival, the organiser has line up many activities which include ethnic stalls selling traditional foods, entertaiment programs, traditional games and the highlight will be Serahang (decorated flat round basket made from sago leaf which raise on a bamboo pole) procession lead by local Melanaus' community leader. More Info at LAMAN RASMI KAUL MUKAH
MUKAH TOWN :Mukah, Sarawak, Malaysia, is a coastal town which serves as the administrative center of the Mukah District (2,536 square kilometers) in Mukah Division, Sarawak. It is located by the South China Sea, about 2.5 hours by road from the city of Sibu. Mukah is also accessible by air by MASwings from Kuching and Miri. The duration of both flights is about one hour. There are also express boats connecting the town of Dalat (about 30 kilometers from Mukah) to Sibu. The express boat trip takes approximately 2 hours.
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