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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Padungan Street-In The Morning,

Busy having a  awesome time. So I haven't been blogging. I'll try and correct that over the next few days. A quick update on my photography hobby and I spent the weekend doing street photography along Padungan Street in Kuching City.So I arm with my 4 years old Olympus E620 with OM Zuiko lens 50mm f1.8.I also carry my Panasonic Lumix LX3 just in case......
Padungan Sreet is designated as Kuching Chinatown, although it doesn't make any sense to me as the whole of Kuching South or most Sarawak cities are predominately where the Chinese population then to lived. So you wouldn't noticed any differences here compared to other non-chinatown streets.There are a number of nice cafes here, traditional Chinese medicine shops and hardware shops which is what the area was originally known for among the locals.Anyway, just enjoy viewing  my photos that I shot this morning (Sunday 08/04/2012).

Its still 7.30am and the road is clear while the shop is still closing during this Sunday off day. Padungan Street is one of the busiest street in the city.

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