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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Peanuts on a plane.

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Peanut allergy is the most common cause of food-related death, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Given that, is it responsible for airlines to continue serving their passengers peanuts on planes?


Some say it’s about time the government takes action to protect passengers with allergies. Others say it’s an infringement of their rights to eat whatever they want, whenever they want.In Malaysia for example..they wanted to ban the sell of nasi lemak in school canteen.


Mas is good to me..they give me free salted peanuts...Many airlines have already voluntarily replaced peanuts on their snack menu with cookies, pretzels, chips, etc. What about our National carrier Malaysia Airline?.

What do you think?

And to those of you who enjoy snacking on cashews, almonds and peanuts in-flight (full disclosure: I am one of them) — would you mind giving up your nuts when you fly?....I'm not a nut hehehe..enjoy your flight people.


Leif Hagen said...

I love, love peanuts and luckily I'm not allergic!

Misalyn said...

Most of the airlines here in the United Arab Emirates serve cookies instead of nuts.

I think the passenger should be responsible enough to check his/her allergies. For some reason if the passenger doesn't know whether she/he is allergic to nuts, I guess it would be better to totally avoid it.

Pretty Pauline said...

I have two children with peanut allergies. One just gets eczema, so it's not a dangerous allergy. The other is not yet two and seems more severe. I don't think it's so bad that it's air born for her, but more and more stories are coming out about this. Some kids now are so sensitive that they have special dogs that keep them out of any area where peanuts have been! Very sad. A person definitely could not fly on a plane that served peanuts with an allergy like that!