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Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Apology.

First I would like to apologize to all my blog buddy of SkyWatch Friday,Weekend Snapshot and City Daily Photo.I don't know what went wrong with my blog as I'm unable to upload my photo.
The respond is "connecting Interrupted,connection to the server as reset while page was loading,the network link was interrupted while negotiating a connection".
Whenever i try to post a comment this code bx-gr6rtz..yeh!!something like that will shown on the screen.Is anyone else having problem trying to post a photo or comment to friends.I have try to enter and re-enter.So please if you do visit me and comment forgive me for missing getting your name.
Now you see .I can't even updated my post and upload the photos shot daily.

1 comment:

Akmal said...

Oh, you too, i see? My latest post was uploaded not on the first try also. I've been adamantly trying to upload it since yesterday. I think Calcom Broadband threw us tantrum lah. But pagi td that thing went ok.
Thank god. Kita bayar, so kita nak yang terbaik! >:)